Thursday, November 3, 2016

The blog Erintegration has the most creative ideas for using technology in the classroom, particularly the free app PicCollage Kids. Today in Mrs. Westrope's first grade we used her "digital leaf man" idea after reading the story Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. (Always a favorite fall read aloud.) The first graders brainstormed different "leaf things" they could make ... leaf dogs, leaf fish and leaf cats led to leaf princesses and leaf kings. :) Let the kids be creative ... the more fun they have, the more motivated they would be to make a digital story out of this later using a tool like Seesaw, Adobe Spark Video or Puppet Edu (all FREE!). Click the image above to read her instructions or keep reading below to see some examples from Mrs. Westrope's class.
Here are some awesome examples! If I had more time in her classroom, I would have extended this by having students write a sentence or story and add their voice using the microphone tool. Also, remember that this idea can be adapted for any other topic ... it's the strategy of searching for images using the "png" designator that is brilliant here! Thanks, Erin, for the awesome idea and fun project!

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