Friday, November 4, 2016

Interactive Writing on Your Mimio: iPad Expectations!

Here is another interactive writing idea to use with your Mimio! I found this great "I Can Use My iPad" book online for free - I wish I knew who made it and I would credit them here. I used to print this book out for my students' poetry/fluency binders when I introduced iPads to them. However, I used it in Mrs. Marcotte's kindergarten class to introduce iPads and so some interactive writing using her Mimio.

To insert a pdf into a Mimio Notebook file, click the "insert" button at the top, and then choose "file". From the file menu, you can select the pdf file you'd like to insert.

I used the pen tool to remove the word "can" from the file, so students could work on interactively writing this word onto each page. You could remove all the words, or have students use the pen tool to circle or highlight words. 

Click the image below to download the Mimio Notebook file and use this in your classroom.
And if you'd like to download the original pdf file, click this image:

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