Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Simplify the Wonders login for your students!

Wondering how to best utilize the student portion of Wonders, without wanting to pull your hair out while trying to get your students logged in?! Simplified login to the rescue! By using the simplified login option, students select their icon and name from a list, then enter a 3 character visual password. It works from computers, Chromebooks & iPads and is a game changer, especially for primary teachers trying to get their young learners logged in!
A huge thanks to Broadwater teacher Stacee Barker who discovered this awesome resource on the Wonders Facebook page and shared with other teachers (and me!). :) For step by step instructions (with pictures!) on how to enable the simplified login for your class, visit this website. The card below gives you an idea of what your students' login information will be:
If you have any questions, email me, Stacee Barker or Hillary Gnerer and we'll be happy to help! :)

If you're using Wonders on an iPad and plan to let your students use this often, you'll want to set the Wonders login page as an icon on your home screen. To do this, you will open Safari and enter the simplified login URL that you generate above. Once you're on the login page, touch the share button in the top corner, and select "add to home screen." 
Once you add it, the Wonders login will appear on the iPads like an app icon. They'll just click it, login, and get to work! To make this even easier and cut out the need to type the URL into each iPad, consider using Seesaw to send the URL to each device as a link. 
You'll then click the three little buttons under the post (or teach students to do this), and choose "share item", then select "copy link".
Paste this link into the web browser on your iPad. Click the link in the post, and then when the Connect Ed simplified login page opens, you'll follow the steps above to add this to your iPad home screen. Let me know if you have questions! 

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