Thursday, November 3, 2016

Don't Have Seesaw? (WHAT?!?!) Don't Worry ... You Can Still Let Students Share Creations!

Today in kindergarten we used the Feltboard app ($2.99) to make some letter sound pictures ... students were asked to make themselves, add their name, and then add other feltboard pieces that start with the same letter as their name.
Image result for felt board app
Here are a couple examples:
(Those are piranhas.)
The teacher wasn't quite ready to start Seesaw, but I wanted to save these fun creations the students had made, so they will be shareable. Keep reading to see what I did!
I decided to use another free app, Adobe Spark Video, to make a quick slideshow highlighting their work. If I  wanted to get wild and crazy, I could have had the students add their voice to each slide with their name, letter sound, and corresponding feltboard item. But ... I didn't. :) I did, however, use the AirDrop feature on my iPads to drop the photo from each iPad onto my teacher iPad. I then opened Adobe Spark Video and popped each image in. I chose this tool because, since I wasn't going to add any student voices to this, I liked the fact that it has some nice music automatically inserted into the background.
Image result for adobe spark video

Here is my final project! I could then show this to the class, share on a classroom website or blog, or even email to parents!


  1. Great idea! Another tool I like for that purpose is Flipagram! Lots of music to choose from that can fit a specific theme too.
    How long have you been using Feltboard? I just bought it for my own iPad to test it out because I read such rave reviews and I was a little disappointed with it. When I accidentally deleted my whole (seasonally clothed) paper doll I was sad about no undo button. How do your K students do with this app? Did you only have to purchase it for one classroom? I would like to use it with all my classes and am worried about the expense. Thanks! I've been LOVING all the ideas from your blog!

    1. Hello! Thank you - I'm so glad you like my blog! I have used Flipagram, too, and it's great. Thanks for reminding me about this tool! :) I have used Feltboard for a few years and it's one of my favorites. I was using it yesterday and actually thought "I wish there was an undo button." LOL It's certainly not perfect, but I like how excited they get to make their creations and post to Seesaw. I really like using the graphic organizers like the tables, Venn diagrams, etc. to have students do story comparisons, retells, math problems, etc. There are tons of ideas on using it at Thanks for checking in on my blog! :)