Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FREE Training December 3rd!

Teaching our kids computer science and coding has tons of benefits, including helping them to develop perseverance, problem solving and critical thinking skills. I was a coding skeptic until I tried it with my kindergartners and I fell in love! December 3rd you have an awesome opportunity to be trained by a trainer for FREE! You can even get OPI & step up credit for attending! Whoop! Whoop! If you're interested, CLICK THIS LINK to sign up. Keep reading for more info.

The training will be led by James Kapptie, an official trainer and Director of Technology in Cody, Wyoming. It will be held in the Lincoln Center Board Room from 8:30-2:30 on Saturday, December 3rd. You'll receive 5 OPI renewal units for attending. If you'd like to receive Step-Up credit, be sure to fill out a credit approval form here. MEA Trade is available by filling out a special request form here.

This event is part of Tech Cadre a la Carte 2016-17! To learn more about Tech Cadre and how to register for more dates, visit

I love this infographic from Kodable with 5 great reasons to teach kids to code!

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