Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Teen Numbers Books by Mrs. Bishop's Kindergartners

I love visiting my friend Sally Bishop's kindergarten to see how she is integrating technology into her classroom.  This week, I was able to help finish up a teen number book project she had begun with her students.  To make the books, they used the apps Feltboard, Number Frames & Book Creator.


Her kindergartners used Feltboard to create covers for their books, using the feltboard numbers to add the teen numbers.  They then built the numbers 11-19 using the Number Frame app.  After they built each number, added an equation (i.e. 10+1=11, 11=10+1) and used the pen tool to write the teen number, they took a screen shot to save the image to their camera roll, then started on the next number.  The students then compiled all of these saved images into Book Creator (In the right order! That takes skill!) and used the "add sound" feature to add their voice recordings to each page.  The students explained the teen number saying either "11 is 1 ten and 1 more" or "11 is 10 1s and 1 more", etc.

These turned out really cool!  I was able to help with the "final drafts" and assist in exporting their books as ePubs into each student's iBooks.  They'll now have access to these books on their iPads during reading and math time.  Awesome!  Here is one example from Mrs. Bishop's room. I exported this as a video from Book Creator, so it's easier to view from here.

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