Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adobe Voice at Tech Fair 2016

I have written a couple of posts about Adobe Voice, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite tools to use in the classroom!  I am always amazed by how fast students learn to use it, and are excited about creating a project with this app.

Today I visited Highland, and we used Adobe Voice in 1st and 2nd grades to make projects.  In Mr. Anderson's 1st grade, we had begun researching animal habitats earlier, and they were now putting their research into the Adobe Voice format to share with parents at conferences.  Mr. Anderson used large sheets of paper to signal to students what information they should include, and what should be on each slide.

The most difficult part of Adobe Voice, for little learners, is figuring out how to structure their story. Providing prompts on charts like these, or by using a storyboard, is very helpful in helping them plan out their story and what information they will share on each page.

Mr. Anderson will be sharing some Adobe Voice ideas at Tech Fair on April 11th!  If you're interested in hearing more about this project and this tool, check out his session.

I also loved this picture from Mrs. Patrick's 2nd grade.  We had students partner up to make a project. Adobe Voice is a wonderful collaborative tool, as well!

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