Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Make Your Own Osmo Lessons

Many teachers have this fantastic tool in their classrooms, but not all know how to use it effectively. Students love the hands-on engagement that Osmo provides, and there are wonderful games including Tangrams, Words & Numbers that keep students busy and engaged.  However, did you know that you can actually create your own lessons for your students to use on Osmo?  Create an account at myOsmo, and add lessons there!  I know some teachers who use this to practice student names, sight words and spelling words.
Rebecca Rickett,  a kindergarten teacher at Eagle Cliffs, does an awesome job of making her Osmo work effectively in her classroom to supplement her curriculum.  Students practice sight words and other concepts using lessons that she has made using Google Slides.  She and Haddy Wanner, a 2nd grade teacher from Alkali Creek,  will be sharing how they make their lessons at the Tech Fair on April 11th.  This is so cool and I highly encourage you to check out their session, if you have an Osmo and you're curious how to use it more effectively!

Also, here is a #protip from Mrs. Rickett: check out how she stores her Osmo letters so students can easily find.  They are laid out on an alphabet chart.  Genius!

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