Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Idea Using Adobe Voice or Puppets Edu

Here is a super fun St. Patrick's Day idea that could be done using either Adobe Voice, which I've written about before, or a fun alternative called Puppets Edu.  (Both are free!)

Using either of these apps, students can create impressive videos that tell information or facts they've learned, create a story, or explain how they did something.  They're both easy to use and share easily to Seesaw or other digital portfolio platforms.

Our project today in Mrs. Robson's kindergarten was to plan out how they would build a leprechaun trap using toothpicks and marshmallows.  The students used a planning sheet, which you are welcome to download by clicking the image below.  They then built their traps.  **NOTE: If it were possible, it would have worked really well to have the students take pictures WHILE they were building the traps, so they had a picture of each step of the process. **
When I got there, the traps were already built, so the students used the camera from their iPads to take photos of leprechauns & other St. Patrick's Day-related items, as well as their finished traps. They then used the Puppet Edu app to create their videos.  They could select the photos from their camera rolls, put them in the correct order, and use the microphone to record a step of the trap-making process on each page.  They also had the option of adding text before saving and uploading their videos to Seesaw (they're made by the same company, so this part goes very smoothly).

I also created a storyboard template for catching a leprechaun (if you're not planning to build traps). You can download that by clicking here.  If you'd like to watch a 5 minute demo on using the Puppet Edu app, you can view it here or visit my YouTube Channel (iPads playlist has a collection of app tutorials). 

The kindergartners learned this app quickly!  I am excited to try it again with them and see what they can create next time.

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