Monday, March 14, 2016

Inquiry with Sock Puppets

I loved working with Mrs. Romei, Mrs. Mehling & Ms. Stanaway at Broadwater today!  Their first graders are eager to learn how to use their 1:1 iPads in the classroom!  In Mrs. Romei's class today, we practiced using the app Sock Puppets to share information learned during inquiry into animal habitats.  The students have been studying the Arctic, desert, and swamp habitats.  The students wrote their facts onto paper, and then used the Sock Puppets app as a way to share out the facts by having their sock puppets tell the information.

Students then used the sharing feature to save the videos to their camera rolls, upload to Seesaw and add a sentence to tell about their video.  To save the video to their iPad camera roll, students click the sharing button:
They want to share their video:
And then be patient as the video encodes:
Students should then save the video to their iPad camera roll.  You'll see that there is an option to save right to Seesaw - this is great, but doesn't allow the opportunity to add text.  If you want your students to add a label or sentence, they'll need to save to the camera roll and then upload to Seesaw using the "Camera Upload" option.

Super fun and easy - however, easy to get silly with!  Having them focus on what they're going to say by writing beforehand will be a big help when using Sock Puppets.  Here are some examples:

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