Monday, March 14, 2016

Animal Inquiry with ChatterPix Kids

The first grade teachers at Broadwater have been teaching their students about animal habitats.  I posted an example of using the Sock Puppets app to tell what they learned.  Here is another idea using ChatterPix Kids.  Mrs. Stanaway's students also used the reading app Epic! to conduct their research.  As they listened to the stories in Epic!, they took notes in their writing journals about the animals.
If you haven't used Epic!, I encourage you to check it out!  It's an amazing library of stories for your students, both fiction and non-fiction.  Some stories will read to your kids, making it friendly to even the littlest learners.  Visit their website to sign up as an Educator and enjoy a FREE subscription! You can add your students' names to the account, so they will each have their own bookshelf of favorite stories.
After the students read their stories and took notes, they learned how to choose a picture and zoom in, then take a screenshot.  These photos were then uploaded to the app ChatterPix Kids, where students added a mouth and then read their facts, making the animal "talk" and tell the facts they learned.  In the formatting page, students were asked to use the text tools to add a title.  (They did a great job of "ignoring" the stickers and not making their animals look silly, hahaha!)  The students then saved their videos to the camera rolls of their iPads and uploaded to Seesaw.  Here are some awesome examples!  Great job, first graders!

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