Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Superbowl Fun!

In my kindergarten class each year, we would have a fun football-themed day to celebrate the Superbowl each year.  Some of the activities included predicting and graphing which team we thought would win, completing a fun football player craft project, and yummy football-themed snacks.  Last year, we even had Rocky Mountain College football players come visit us to talk about teamwork and sportsmanship, and play football with us!  It was always one of my favorite days of the year!

Many of the ideas I used are from this website, Teaching Heart.  She has some really great Superbowl ideas on here, including crafts, projects and snacks.

This year, my little Arizona Cardinals fans at home wanted to make the craft project, and we decided to "tech it up a notch" by putting photos of their projects into ChatterPix Kids and having them "talk". This could be a fun way to have your students make predictions for who they think will win the Superbowl.  They could post to Seesaw, and then graph which team has more or less "votes"!
I posted about using ChatterPix Kids earlier this week.  CLICK HERE to read this more in-depth post about using this FREE app.  For this project, we completed the football craft projects from the website above, then used an iPad to take photos of each football player.  When we opened the ChatterPix Kids app, we selected "Take a Photo" and then opened the camera roll (see arrow below).
We selected the photo we wanted to use, then drew the mouth and recorded our words.  I then exported them to the camera roll of the iPad, where it would be easy to share out on Seesaw, Kidblog or another similar platform.  They turned out really cute, and would be a fun way to get your kids in the Superbowl spirit!  Here are our examples.  Go Cards!

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