Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seesaw & Kidblog Math Examples!!!!

Real World Doubles: (Mrs. Brammer's 1st grade) - these were made using the photo tool from Seesaw, then using the drawing tool to annotate.
Math Addition Practice: these were made in a free app called Doodle Buddy, then saved to the camera roll and uploaded to Seesaw.
Love these problem solving ideas from Mrs. Bishop's kindergarten! The videos were made using some great apps from Duck, Duck Moose that are awesome for storytelling and creation.  You can get them in a bundle for $2.99.  Click below to check it out!

This is an example of utilizing a math app and Seesaw to have students demonstrate their understanding of a particular concept.  Mrs. Bishop's students took a screenshot of a number line from the free Line 'em Up app, then uploaded to Seesaw and used the "record while drawing" feature to show that they can say and identify each number 1-20.  
You can use this same idea with any app!  I really love the free virtual manipulatives from The Math Learning Center, like Number Frames, Pattern Shapes and Geoboard (shown below).  Here are some examples from my students' Kidblog. 

These were created using the Feltboard app.  Here are a couple more examples from Mrs. Bishop's class using the Feltboard app.

I love this idea from Mr. Anderson's first grade classroom.  We used the app Stop Motion (free) to create videos using story problems he had prepared.  

And, finally, here is an example from Mrs. Westrope's first grade class.  She sent this image out to each of the students and had them fill in the blanks.  Students could also arrange their own 10 frames, Unifix cubes, base 10 blocks, etc and use the pen tool to annotate the number they made.

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