Monday, January 18, 2016

Digital Learning Day 2016

Digital Learning Day is February 17th, and what an awesome opportunity to share all of the cool digital innovations that are happening in your classroom this year!  If you're using digital tools, I encourage you to help celebrate Digital Learning Day by sharing something awesome from your classroom - either by Tweeting it, blogging it, or sending it to me so I can share it!  There are so many tremendous things happening in our classrooms, let's share what we're doing!

Click the image above for ideas and resources.  Email me with any questions!  And if you use Twitter, be sure to use the hashtags #DLD16 and #BPSclassrooms when you share.

There is also a contest on Participate Learning to post a collection of digital learning resources.  You can be entered in a contest for an Apple Watch.  Woot!  Woot!  One of my Twitter friends, Nikki Vrandenburg from Bozeman, is a judge this year.  So make this an opportunity to try out another super cool resource, Participate Learning!

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