Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Chatterpix Ideas!

I absolutely LOVE these ChatterPix Kids ideas from Mrs. Risser's 1st grade at Arrowhead.  Her students studied Martin Luther King, Jr, then made an adorable art project of MLK.  The unit she used is called American Heroes Common Core Informational Reading and there are 14 different heroes highlighted in this pack from Tpt.  There are also tons of cute ideas HERE.  They then used ChatterPix Kids to make their art projects "talk" and share what they learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.  They turned out soooo great!!  This could work for any biography study - wouldn't it be fun to assign each student a person to research and tell about using ChatterPix Kids?
I also love how her students got "creative".  Look at the ChatterPix they made using one of their classmates' Minecraft Tshirt!  Haha!  Love it!

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