Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finding the Balance - Writing in First Grade

It's important to remember that using technology has to be balanced with traditional methods of instruction, particularly when teaching little kids.  Digital literacy is important, but so is knowing how to form letters and write using paper and pencil.  Give your kids opportunities to write on paper, then publish their writing using digital tools.

In Mrs. Niemeyer's room this afternoon, she brainstormed a wintery word web with her 1st graders, then had them write Winter poems on paper.  One of the kids asked "Can we then post these on our blog?"  Love it!  They are comfortable using both traditional print and digital methods of writing and publishing.

This would also be a fun way to incorporate Seesaw into writing - using your iPad, take a photo of the blank writing sheet, then login to Seesaw as a teacher.  When you select "camera roll", you'll be able to push this out to all of your students (or just some of your students).  They could then open the image and select "copy and edit", allowing them to open the poem and add their words using the Seesaw pen tool.  When I have my kindergartners do this, they used styluses, so they were practicing holding a writing tool.  Some good styluses are here (replaceable tips!)

They could then read the poem into Seesaw using the microphone, demonstrating their understanding of what they wrote.  PLEASE NOTE: to do this, you will need to enable item editing for your students in your Seesaw class settings.  

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