Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Math Stories Using Draw & Tell App

I have posted about the app Draw & Tell before, and wanted to share a couple of projects from Orchard Elementary today.  Draw & Tell is a great app that allows kids to draw, use stickers and record their voices to tell stories.  I really like using this app to tell math stories.  There is also a Princess Fairytale Maker app and a Superhero Comic Maker app that you can get in bundle with Draw & Tell for $2.99.  It's fun to have all of these apps to allow your students choice in the stickers and backgrounds they use for their storytelling.

At Orchard, students used a storyboard to plan out some math stories.  Mrs. Tieszen allowed her kids to explore the apps beforehand, so they had ideas about what characters and objects would be available for their math stories.  This storyboard helped the kindergarten and 1st graders plan out their math stories.

In Mrs. Sarsfield's 2nd grade, she and Mrs. Tieszen had a wonderful idea to use the Draw & Tell app to demonstrate multiplication problems.  The students drew out their ideas on paper, and wrote math story sentences.  They then used the Draw & Tell app to illustrate their ideas.  For example, if they had drawn 5 groups of 4, they used the stickers to illustrate 5 animals each wearing 4 hats.  
All of the students then recorded their thinking using the video recording tool in the app, and saved to the camera roll of the iPad.  To save to the iPad, students first need to click the tool in the righthand corner to open the tool menu, then click the lefthand arrow to return to the drawing gallery.
The students will then select the "save to camera roll" button, and choose which image or video they want to save.  They'll need to click "save to photos", then be patient as the video or image saves to the iPad.  
Once it's on the camera roll, it can be uploaded to Seesaw, Kidblog, or another blog or digital journal.

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