Monday, April 4, 2016

Seesaw at Centers

I was happy to visit Ms. Romersa's kindergarten last week to help her students use Seesaw during centers. I had visited her class before to teach Seesaw whole group, and they were rockstars!  This was a fun opportunity to check in and review with them.

Ms. Romersa had her students bring their writing journals to center, and they were great at taking a photo of their writing using the Seesaw app. I reminded them how to use the microphone to read their writing, and type their words or a title.
I also showed them how to use the pen tool to add an illustration or edit their writing.
We then used the app Magnetic Letters to build sight words, take screenshots, and upload to Seesaw. In Seesaw, they used the record while drawing tool to say and underline each letter, then read each word (i.e. "a-t at".)

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