Monday, May 23, 2016

Stop Motion Weather Videos

Mrs. Risser's first graders have been studying different weather occurrences, so for a fun way to demonstrate what they had learned, I helped her students create stop motion animation videos using the FREE app Stop Motion.
Mrs. Risser's students worked in pairs to create "props" like houses, trees, lightning, clouds, tornadoes, etc from construction paper.  Then, working with their partners, they took turns taking photos using the Stop Motion app, and moving the props onto their pages.  I demonstrated this beforehand, using Reflector to project my iPad onto the screen.  It takes patience to slowly move the features into the frame, and I encouraged them to take LOTS of pictures - at least 50.
They used great detail and made some really interesting videos!  This is also a wonderful collaborative project using technology, as it takes great communication with their partners in order to successfully complete the video.
Stop Motion also has a microphone available, so students could record audio with their videos, if they choose.  When they were finished, I showed how to change the title of the video, then save to their iPad camera rolls.  They were then able to use Seesaw to upload the finished movies into their learning journals.  I love that you can tag more than one student in Seesaw, so that each partner could post the video to his/her journal.

Click below for student examples:

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