Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DoInk Green Screen + Seesaw = Awesomeness!

I am working on some more green screen projects with first graders, and I am amazed at how well the DoInk Green Screen app and Seesaw work together to make these projects great!  Ms. Ash and Mrs. Brammer had their students research biography projects, and I visited Beartooth and recorded their videos.  For the green screen backgrounds, they had their students take photos, search images, make PicCollages and even use Masterpiece on Osmo to create illustrations.  The students then saved these to Seesaw, using folders to make them easy to find.  If you're not sure how to set up and use folders, click here to see a quick tutorial.
When I started putting the videos and images together for the green screen projects, I opened Seesaw and logged into the appropriate class, then located the folder and selected the image I wanted to use. I clicked the three magical dots underneath the image, and chose "share item".
Then, I chose to save the image to the camera roll, so it was easy to find and insert into my green screen video.  For more info on using the DoInk Green Screen app for making green screen videos, search for DoInk and green screen using the search tool in the upper lefthand corner of this blog.
Once the videos are created in DoInk, it's super easy to export directly to Seesaw for students to share.  My previous blog post shows how to do this!

Happy green screening!

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