Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sharing a Padlet Link Using Seesaw

Of the many, many things I love about Seesaw, one of my favorites is the ability to easily share links with students (and parents) via the link sharing option.  This works from all Seesaw platforms (iPads, laptops, etc) and is such a quick and simple way to get your students to a specific location like a learning video or website. I have discovered that it's a great way to share a link to a Padlet, allowing your students to quickly access and contribute to the collaborative wall.  Sharing the link with everyone in your class will also allow parents to view the completed Padlet.  Here's how:
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First, create a FREE Padlet account and make a Padlet for your students to share on.  If you need help making your Padlet, CLICK HERE.  It's really easy to use!  Once your Padlet is created, click the share link:
When the menu opens, scroll to the bottom until you see the link and QR code.  Copy the link, then open your Seesaw account.
From the main menu, select "link", then paste the Padlet link into this section and click the checkmark.
If you'd like to add audio or text directions or an explanation for parents, you can use the microphone or notes tools to do this.  Then, click the checkmark again.
From this page, you can decide who to share the link with; either "everyone" for the whole class, or you can select certain students.  Once you click the checkmark, the link will be shared onto Seesaw.
Students will see something like this.  They'll be able to click the link and contribute to the Padlet.

Here's a great example from Mrs. Westrope's first graders.  They each chose an app: Hello Crayon, Feltboard or Draw with Us, to illustrate "What I like best about first grade", and then saved their illustrations to the iPad camera roll.  They then added their illustrations and a sentence to this collaborative Padlet:

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