Friday, May 13, 2016

Selfie Scoot

iPad End of Year Game - Selfie Scoot using a free app - Pi
At Washington Elementary today, we played the Selfie Scoot iPad game in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, and it was so much fun!  This is a product I purchased from Erintegration's Tpt store for $3, and it was worth the money.  It's a great idea, made simple by printing and following her step by step instructions.  And a time saver for me, to not have to create these resources on my own!  Yay, Tpt!
To play, the students begin by taking a selfie, then follow the instructions in the packet to add their selfie to the free app PicCollage Kids.  The directions walk them through the steps of trimming their photos, then adding a background to their collage.
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The third step involves playing Scoot, with each student "scooting" to another iPad and adding a sentence about the person onto their selfie.  For example, if I were writing on Shelly's iPad, I might write "Enthusiastic!"  The goal is for each student to write a kind word or comment about their friend, creating an end of the year keepsake from their classmates.  This was a wonderful time to have a conversation about comments, compliments, and being good digital citizens!

Once the students were finished scooting to each iPad (we did as many as time would allow), students returned to their original iPad, and could add stickers onto their collage, using the free stickers in PicCollage.  Students then saved their pictures and used the camera roll upload option in Seesaw to post to their learning journals.  They could also be printed, if you wanted to do that.

All of these instructions are included in the packet and were so easy to follow.  I taught each step separately, having students complete the step, then join me at carpet to hear the next step.  Breaking it down into 4 easy to follow steps help make the project successful!  Some examples from Mrs. Kane's first graders are below.

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