Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Scanning Safely with QR Codes

If you want to incorporate QR codes into your classroom to scan videos or songs from YouTube, there are some ways to do this more safely - without exposing your students to unwanted ads and additional videos.

One way to do this is to pay for a QR code scanner.  There are several good free scanners, but they include ads.  If you invest in a scanner like the Scan app, which is $1.99, your kids can use it ad-free.

If you are directing your students to a video on YouTube, whether it be a song, a reading of a story, or a short video clip, you can copy the link to the YouTube video and paste it into SafeShare.TV. You will then create your QR code using the SafeShare.TV link that you generated.  This will enable your students to view only the video you want them to watch, without ads, and without additional videos.  Yay!

Remember that even if you've posted onto SafeShare.TV, if the video isn't on the district's playlist, you may need to go through the Barracuda filter in order for your students to view the video.  This is a good habit to get into in the mornings, so you aren't interrupted by kids needing help getting through the filter during reading or math groups. :)

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