QR Codes in the Classroom

QR codes can be a quick and easy way to give your students (and parents) information, share a video, or share a link.  A link to student work (videos, audio recordings, etc) can be saved to a QR code so that it can be scanned and easily accessed.  You can also use QR codes so students can check their own work at centers, or to create fun QR code scavenger hunts for sight words, beginning sounds, rhyming words, etc. QR codes are a great way to engage students in solving math problems with a fun, interactive twist.  There are so many fun possibilities for using QR codes in your classroom!

Creating QR Codes

Sprinkles to Kindergarten blog has a wonderful downloadable tutorial for creating QR codes in the classroom. You can visit her Tpt store and download by clicking the image below.

Here is another little QR code tutorial from my BFF Ann Brucker:

While there are lots of QR Code generators (go ahead - Google it and see what I mean!), my favorite tool is multi-purpose! It’s a Chrome Extension (more on those later!) called the goo.gl URL Shortener. You can get it by searching the Chrome Web Store, or by clicking here: CLICK ME

Once you are on a website, whether it’s your classroom site, a video your class has uploaded, a Google Doc, a game… anything, all you have to do to create your QR code and direct people to the site is click on the extension:
You can save that image (ctrl+click on it) or take a screenshot of it (command+shift+3), then insert it wherever you want!

The QR code generator I use is called www.qrstuff.com.  Whichever tool you decide to use, I hope you will see from these tutorials that it is quick and easy to make your own QR codes!  Now ... how to use them ... 

Class Books

In my kindergarten class, students illustrated stories, then recorded their stories into AudioBoom. AudioBoom has an option of making these recordings into QR codes.  I then printed the QR codes and attached to each students' illustration.  We bound together into a class book, and when students used an iPad they could scan each page and listen to the author read his or her story.  Another tool that can be used for this activity is Vocaroo.

Center Activities

Search QR code activities on Teachers Pay Teachers and you will be amazed at what you find!  You can narrow your results by grade level and/or skill you would like to review.  So many awesome freebies, too!  I loved looking at some of the teachers' ideas, and then "revamping" those ideas for my students.  Here is an example of a fun subtraction problem freebie from Kindergarten Smorgasborg. Click the image to view and download.

You can also create worksheets where students are able to self-check their own work.  Look at this example from Aylin Claahsen and click the image to view her Tpt store.

Using the steps in Mrs. Crowder's QR Codes guide, you can build your own QR code centers with the specific tasks your students are working on!  QR codes could link to visual or audio clues.  To create audio, use a tool like Audioboom or Vocaroo.

Videos or Songs

This is so great at centers!  You can record a video of directions and have them scan it to get started. Or you can have them watch a song or video before they begin a task at center time.  The possibilities are endless!

Audio Books

This is another great tool for center time!  Have students scan a QR code that links them to an audio book (or video of a book being read).  There are tons already created - check out the Symbaloo webmixes below to get some ideas.  You can also create your own, or have students create their own. Consider having students scan and read a book, then use a collaborative document (mentioned below) to share their thoughts on the book.  Or they could complete a book report, either digitally or traditional paper and pencil.

Collaborative Documents

You can use a QR code to quickly and easily direct students to a collaborative document.  This could be using Google Docs, or a tool such as Padlet.  Scan below for an example, and to contribute your own ideas on using QR codes in the classroom!


  1. Wow! What an AMAZING article! I just recently worked with a 2nd grade class using QR codes in their math centers and I will be working with Kindergarten next year! This is an excellent resource! Thank you, Monica

  2. Wow! Thank you for this EXCELLENT resource! I will be teaching Kindergarten for the first time next year and this blog provides so many great tech resources!

    1. So glad you enjoy the blog! Thanks for your comment!