Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kidblog in 1st grade

Mr. Anderson's first graders are off to a great start using Kidblog as a digital portfolio of their work. We introduced Kidblog whole group (this can be done using iPads, Chromebooks or Macbooks) and he has since introduced Kidblog into literacy centers.  Students work on writing (creating a story, posting reflections after a Lead 21 differentiated group lesson, etc) and post to Kidblog at one of his iPad centers.  At another iPad center, they will engage in word work using apps like Writing Wizard, Word Wizard, Sight Word Ninja and then take screenshots of their work and post to Kidblog.  This will build their digital portfolio, which can then be shared with parents, as well as classroom connections (other classes using Kidblog).  It also creates a really helpful portfolio of student work that Mr. Anderson will be able to use as he is analyzing student progress and growth.

Yay, Kidblog!  Great job, Mr. Golden Apple and your amazing Golden Firsties!  :)

Here are a couple of examples from his students:

There is a previous post on my blog about Getting Started with Kidblog, if you're interested.  You can also check the Kidblog website resources for some great tutorials.  You can also invite me in to help you get started - I love using this tool and I am happy to help classrooms incorporate it into their classrooms.  It is also nice having an extra person in the room the first couple of times you are walking through this process with your students!

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