Sunday, September 13, 2015

iPad Rules Posters

A lot of teachers have been asking about setting classroom expectations for iPad use in the classroom. I used this cute poster from Heidi Songs in my kindergarten classroom.  Click the image below to read her post and to find the FREE download of this poster.

I also just found these and they are FREE on Tpt.  Absolutely adorable and they cover many useful expectations.

I always began by discussing the expectations with my kindergartners, and then working together to create a set of iPad Learning Community Guidelines.  I love Ms. Zigmond's idea of collaborating and recording these ideas on a Popplet!  Click the image below to read her post on beginning the school year with iPads.

Don't hesitate to start allowing your kids to learn and create in your classroom using iPads because you're nervous about getting started!  Use one of these FREE tools or get in touch with me and I will help you get started.  Let's make some #happyclassrooms!

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