Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Feltboard in Ms. Oringer's 1st grade & Padlet in Mrs. Scheafer's 2nd grade

Loved spending time in Ms. Oringer's classroom today, where we discussed iPad expectations with her 1st graders and then gave them time to use the Feltboard app.  This was an opportunity for her students to spend time getting to know how to navigate the app, with the task of making a picture of themselves and using the letters to write their names.  Ms. Oringer's kids worked so hard and stayed on task for this lesson.  I was impressed!

Feltboard has a lot of cool features that teachers can utilize for a variety of literacy, math, social studies and science lessons.  I can't wait to post more ideas for you to see!

I also loved spending time in Mrs. Scheafer's 2nd grade, helping them use the tool Padlet to record nouns.  These kids were awesome, too!  Seriously, I am so lucky to get to meet so many amazing kids and teachers every day!

Padlet is a tool that can be used on computers or tablets, and it is a big collaborative space, or wall where students can contribute their ideas.  In Mrs. Scheafer's room, we started a new Padlet for the nouns and gave students a QR code to scan with their iPads.  The QR code took them into the Padlet, where they had to tap the screen and add their name, their noun, and a picture of their noun.  

They worked really hard, learning how to allow camera permissions and work around problems when tech doesn't work quite the way it should.  We said what Pete the Cat says: "It's all good!"  This was a great project that Mrs. Scheafer thought of and I was happy to help her with it!  We also brainstormed an idea to use Popplet for a similar activity: have students make a popple for each category of nouns (person, place or thing) and then have them add examples to each of these categories.  

They could add drawings or pictures to each of these nouns, as well.

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