Friday, September 18, 2015

Cool Apps to Check out Today!

Indian Education for All is a strong component of our curriculum in Montana, and we as teachers are always searching for resources to integrate this into our teaching.  In Mrs. Grimstad's kindergarten yesterday, I learned about this cool app:
Wonderful way to provide interactive, engaging learning of the Crow culture into your classroom. Thank you to Mrs. Grimstad for sharing!

Also, in the Free App Friday email I receive, I noticed a series of phonics apps that are free for a short time.  I have had many teachers ask me about reading apps with stories for children.  This one is free and has many great features for emerging readers.
If you click the image above to visit the iTunes preview page, you will notice a link in the righthand corner that says "View more by this developer."  
There are several other "apps gone free" that focus on sight words, word building and reading skills. Check them out!  And if you haven't already, CLICK HERE to visit the Smart Apps for Kids page and subscribe to their awesome list.


  1. I got the series of three for FREE. Cool beans!!

  2. Thanks for the awesome i pad lesson. The students are informed about how to handle the i pads and excited to begin learning with them.

    1. Yay! I am so glad. Thanks for inviting me into your wonderful classroom!