Thursday, December 1, 2016

Seesaw Has a Label Tool

This is amazing! Seesaw has added a label tool. Students can now type and add labels to images that they post into Seesaw. (Either by using the photo tool or uploading from the iPad's camera roll). Labels can also be added into the drawing tool. In iOS, students can use the record while draw tool to record their thinking while labeling. An arrow pointer tool has been added, so students can point out certain objects or words while they're recording. Seesaw just keeps adding more awesome ways for students to record and share their thinking and learning! Check out @Seesaw on Twitter for lots of info, tutorials and ideas, or CLICK HERE to read more about the labeling tool. You can find info on all Seesaw 4.5 updates HERE.
I'd love to see examples of how you use these new tools in your classrooms! Add your ideas to the comments or email me at Happy Seesaw-ing, friends!

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  1. Great article. Btw, Binfer is a great tool for sending entire albums to someone. An easy way to deliver photos to clients