Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Make a Scene Christmas App

Today in 1st grade we used the app Make a Scene: Christmas paired with Seesaw tools to document student learning. The kids loved using this engaging app, and incorporating math and literacy concepts with this app made our learning time together very fun. Enjoy these examples from Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade!
Making 10
Students used the characters in the app to show different ways to make 10. I asked them to choose only two objects to use (such as reindeer and Santas or ornaments and lights) to show 10. After they finished they scenes, they saved to the camera roll, uploaded to Seesaw, and used the record while drawing tool to show the groups of numbers, explain how they made 10, and write an equation.

Labeling Christmas Words
Students created a scene in the app, then uploaded to Seesaw and used the new text label tools to label different Christmas words in their picture. They could then use the record while drawing tool and choose the arrow to point to each word as they read it.

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