Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our Hopes

I was at Orchard yesterday, and I absolutely adored this display in the primary hallway. I believe this is from Mrs. Lang's first graders, but the topic appeared to be something that all classes had discussed.
I love the idea of having students think about their hopes and dreams, and write those down. In some classrooms, I saw this done as a shared writing or interactive writing chart. Students talked about lifelong goals, but also hopes and dreams for kindergarten, first grade, etc. Some were simple and some were deep, but I love the idea of having students think about these things, process them, and write them. What a cool idea, Orchard!

To tech-ify (what?! It's a word!) this project a bit, I would have them take a picture of their writing, upload to Seesaw, and then read what they wrote. Another idea would be to have partners video each other telling about their hopes and dreams. Love it!

If you have a great bulletin board idea/writing project that you love, would you share it in the comments below?

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