Sunday, September 25, 2016

"I Can ..." Use Technology!

Technology should not be seen as "something extra" you have to do, but a way to enhance the learning that is happening in your classroom. Transform something from your curriculum and make it better by using technology - that is the real magic in using these tools! Here is a great kindergarten example using the Wonders curriculum.

In the Wonders curriculum, students have been learning the words I and can and practicing writing sentences like the ones in the book above. After practicing this skill whole group with her kindergartners by recording their ideas on chart paper, Mrs. Elenbaas had her kindergartners write their own "I can" sentences on paper. Students should be able to write the two sight words and can and are encouraged to write the sounds they hear from other words in their sentences.
Last week, the kindergartners also had the opportunity to once again write these sentences, this time using the app Seesaw on their iPads. The students used the drawing tool in Seesaw to first write their sentence, then create a drawing to match. Students were encouraged to use details in their picture and make them match the words they wrote.
Having students write their sentences and draw their picture was a great time to have a discussion about using the different pencil widths on Seesaw, as well as when is a good time to use the stylus with the iPad.

Once the students completed their sentences and drawings, they used the audio tool to record their sentences. This is such a huge help with emergent writers, as they are able to tell their story with their voice. As a teacher, it also lets me look at their sentence and see what they were writing and where problem areas might be. It's also adorable because their little voices are so sweet! Some examples are below. :) I hope you'll see this example as an easy way to integrate technology into your curriculum and enhance what you are doing in a simple way!
I can do Seesaw! :) Love it!

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