Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Get Seesaw SuperPowers with September PD in your PJs Sessions!

The biggest request I have had since school started is for me to come into classrooms and help teachers get started using Seesaw. Wahoo! This makes me so happy, as Seesaw is my absolute favorite digital tool to use, and I think using Seesaw is a huge benefit to our students, teachers and parents. You can always book me into your classroom to help with Seesaw, and I LOVE coming in and helping with this! However, Seesaw is also offering some great PD in Your PJs for all levels of Seesaw users. You can learn about Seesaw from the comfort of your own home ... in your pjs! If you're interested in checking out their webinars, click below to see the schedule and pre-register.
Seesaw also has tons of great videos and helpful tools on their Resources page. From the Seesaw homepage, click the Resources tab and search for the topic you're looking for.

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