Thursday, September 22, 2016

Class Dojo Stories

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Many of you are familiar with Class Dojo, an awesome FREE website to promote positive student behaviors and communication with parents. I used Class Dojo in my kindergarten class and I absolutely loved it, and so did students and parents. One of the things I love is that how you use it is totally and completely up to YOU. You can customize how you award points, and what "rewards" you give for points. Look at Pinterest to see tons of awesome ideas on how you can use Class Dojo and creative rewards your students can earn.

Class Dojo also has a timer built-in which I used often!
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Recently, they added Class Stories, which is a super easy way for teachers to share what's happening in the classroom with parents. You can add pictures, reminders, etc and easily communicate with parents. Particularly if you already use Class Dojo, this would be an awesome way to communicate with parents without adding an additional tool to your (and your parents') "to do" list. If you use Class Dojo, just click "Stories" to get started.
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This year, they have also added STUDENT Stories. Student Stories works like Class Story, but students can add their own items to their individual stories. This would be an easy, simple way to create a student digital portfolio.
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Once you create a class in Class Dojo, a QR code is generated. This is the code students will scan from a device to login and post to their journal. You can find the code at the bottom of the page:
Or by clicking "Stories" at the top of the page:
Students can add photos or videos to their story. They can also add captions. Unfortunately, they cannot upload from the iPad camera roll, so they can't add digital creations. Class Stories does not have the full capabilities for a digital portfolio that Seesaw has, however, if you are using Class Dojo already and looking for an easy way to boost communication with parents and provide a peek into your classroom, this would be an amazing way to do it.

CLICK HERE for more information on Student Stories, and to sign up for Class Dojo. They also have an awesome resource page where they answer questions and share lots of amazing ideas for incorporating this resource into your classroom in fun and engaging ways.

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