Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WonderBox EDU

I am lucky enough to be working with WonderBox as a beta tester for the EDU version of their app (coming soon)!  Yesterday I used this app in Mrs. Chase's 2nd grade, and it was so.  much.  fun. Wonderbox gives students a variety of activities they can choose from, to explore a topic and then use their imagination and creativity to create a project.  The teacher can send a specific assignment to students, or students can explore options and choose what they'd like to work on.

Students and teachers can also view each other's work and comment back and forth.  Yesterday, we were just learning the app, so students weren't given many instructions.  I assigned them all a Make a Snowflake project, and then let them explore.  They had to submit what they had done to me so I can view their work.  In the future, I would ask students to be sure to add some writing to their project before it's submitted (there is an area that says "write about your project here" before they submit anything).  I am also unsure how to save the projects, so I had to take screenshots of their work.  But I wanted to give you some examples because I thought they turned out so fun!

When I know the release date and cost, I will pass it along!  Happy wondering!

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