Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Books Using Book Creator

Hello!  I started posting a week or so ago about using Book Creator to create some cool eBooks that can be shared on Seesaw.  However, we didn't have a "finished product" to share.  This project does take a bit of time - about an hour for creating illustrations and to begin the cover of the book, and another hour to add the rest of the illustrations, type their sentences and record their sentences to make it an audio book.

This morning I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours in Mrs. Brammer's first grade, and we were able to work on books from start to finish.  They turned out great!  Here was our process:

1) Mrs. Brammer had her students write two sentences beforehand.  That way, all they needed to do was type the sentences into their books.  This really sped up the typing process!  Mrs. Brammer had her kids write about Christmas traditions in their homes.  She helped edit the sentences before the kids published into Book Creator.

2) We used the app Make a Scene: Christmas and had the students create three illustrations, then save to their camera rolls.  I have posted about this app before, if you need help using it, scroll down and read some of my more detailed posts.
3) We opened the app Book Creator and started creating a new book.  If you need help with this, view one of my previous posts, or visit the Book Creator support page.  They have some great tutorials!
4) Students began by inserting their cover illustration picture, then adding a title and making it "fancy" using the formatting options.  They then added a new page, added another illustration and typed in one of their sentences.  They added one more page, added their last illustration, and typed their last sentence.

5) Students used the "Add a Sound" feature to record themselves reading each sentence.  This will allow us to export the book as a video that can be viewed and listened to from Seesaw!

6) To send the book to Seesaw, first make sure the students are logged into their Seesaw account. Students need to be back on the main screen (Click "My Books" to return there).  They need to click the sharing button (the little rectangle with the arrow in it) and then "Export as Video".

Once they click this button, Seesaw should come up as an option.  IF IT'S NOT: click the three little dots that say "more" and toggle Seesaw to "on".  (You should only have to do this one time and then it will always show up.)  

Once it gets to Seesaw, they should just have to choose their name and post! Wahoo!  Here are some examples.

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