Thursday, December 17, 2015

Elf Yourself with Draw with Us!

We did this fun activity in Mrs. Bishop's kindergarten this morning, and I wanted to share in case any of you have time to try it!  We used the app Draw with Us (it's $2.99) to have the kids "elf themselves" and then post their drawings to Seesaw, along with a sentence.  They turned out so cute!

Using the Draw with Us app, students opened the camera area and took a picture of their face. This app allows you to change the outline of the photo from just a face, to a heart, to a star and a whole photo.  I love this feature!  After they took their photos, they used the drawing tools to add details - elf costume, Christmas trees, presents, sleigh, etc.
Once their drawings were finished and saved to the camera roll, they opened Seesaw, uploaded the drawing, and wrote a sentence.  Most wrote simple sentences utilizing World Wall Words.  We modeled some ideas beforehand.  Some examples are: "I can help Santa."  "I see a reindeer."  "I see a Christmas tree."  Once they wrote, they used the microphone tool in Seesaw to record their sentences.
When the students were done, they were encouraged to view classmates' work and "like" or post comments that were about the drawings.  I also love how Mrs. Bishop shows the work whole class, and in this way models positive comments.  Students need to learn to be good digital citizens from an early age!

Here are some finished projects ... so cute!  Merry Christmas!

Amy Westrope used this same app in her 1st grade class, and shared some examples with me.  I love this idea!  Thanks, Amy!

We used the Draw With Us app for holiday stroll art - pretty much like the elf yourself post, except they got to turn themselves into any Christmas character. I printed the pics out at Costco and hung them in the hall. Now we're using them for their Christmas cards to go home with their parent gift. They turned out so so cute! 


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