Thursday, December 10, 2015

Technology Rocks. Seriously.

If you haven't checked out this awesome blog, you definitely should!  This amazing woman always puts together the coolest seasonal posts, with collections of digital tools and activities for your students to use.  Her latest post is about reindeer, and features Santa's official Live Reindeer Cam, as well as tons of Christmas-themed learning games for your students.  If you haven't checked it out before, definitely take some time to do so!  I would often utilize her collections of computer activities when my kindergartners had "computer time", either from a lab or during centers.  They loved these activities!  Click the image below to view her Reindeer Fun post.

Last year, Mrs. Bishop and I had each of our kindergarten classes study reindeer, and then view the reindeer on the reindeer cam.  We used our class Twitter accounts to share information and questions about reindeer back and forth between our classes.  It was such a fun activity!  Here is a little snippet ... 
Getting your kids started using social media like Twitter in the classroom can be really fun and rewarding.  Students can share their learning, and discover how to use social media as a tool.  It also helps us create a positive message about what is happening in our awesome #BPSclassrooms!  If you're interested in starting, but don't know how ... let me know!  I'd love to come help.  @TraciPiltz @MrsPiltzK

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