Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Really excited about this new app I discovered called WonderBox.  This app is completely FREE and allows students to learn, explore and create, focusing on science, music, geography & design topics. The Edu version is "in the works", so I am currently exploring by using at home with my son and daughter.  So far I am really impressed and anxious to see what the Edu version might entail.

The app gives kids options of topics, and then activities within each topic that they can accomplish. It is highly interactive, informative, and engaging, and provides students with a toolbox for creating and safely sharing what they're learning.  Click the image below to check it out:

I encourage you to try this app out, and as soon as I hear of the "finished" Edu version, I will let you know.  You can also apply to be in their WonderBox Ambassador program.  CLICK HERE  In the meantime, you might also check out other apps by this developer, DuckDuck Moose. They are some of my faves!

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