Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Student Self-Reflection Videos with Seesaw

This is an awesome idea that we tried in some first grade classrooms this morning, and they turned out great!  Many teachers have their students work on a self-reflection or report card to share students' perspectives with parents during conference time.  Mr. Anderson had the idea to turn these into videos that he can show parents during conferences (or they can watch at home, if they have access to Seesaw.)

Students brainstormed answers to three questions:
1) What do you do really well in first grade?
2) What do you need to work on in first grade?
3) What is your favorite thing about first grade?

The students then worked with a partner and used the video tool of the Seesaw app (when using Seesaw on the computer you can't record video, but you could use a photo and record audio using your computer's microphone) to record their answers.  One student "interviewed" the other, using the questions above.  They posted that video to the student's Seesaw journal, then switched jobs.  These videos are now available for the teacher to view and share with parents at conferences.

If it's too late to do this before your parent-teacher conferences, consider doing a post-conference self-reflection.  These can easily be shared with parents by enabling parents to view student work on Seesaw.

I made a task card that you could use with this activity, and have students brainstorm their ideas ahead of time.  They could even have a little "script" for their video.  If you'd like a copy of the task card, click the image below.

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