Thursday, November 5, 2015

Numbers Book Using Book Creator

Mrs. Bishop invited me into her kindergarten class this morning to help her students finish up some eBooks they created using the app Book Creator.  These turned out so fantastic, I asked her if I could share!

The kindergartners made number books, "app smashing" Feltboard, Draw with Us and Book Creator. They each used Feltboard to create a cover for their book, then save to their camera roll on the iPad. Next, they opened Draw with Us and used the writing tool to write each numeral and number word (0-10) and then used the stickers to show the quantity.  They made a separate drawing for each number and saved each of these to their camera roll.

The students then opened the Book Creator app and started a new book.  By clicking the plus sign, they could add an image to each page from their camera roll by choosing "Photo".  They added each of their number pages, making sure they were inserted in the correct order.  Here is what the layout looked like on each book.

I then helped the students record audio into their books by clicking the plus sign and "Add Sound."
When the books were finished, they could be exported as an ePub file to iBooks.  To do this, go back to the My Books screen and select the share button (the little square with the arrow).  If you want to read in iBooks, you'll export as an ePub.
Then, click "Open in..." and select iBooks.  This will automatically export the book into iBooks on the student's iPad.  The audio will be there, as well, so they can hear themselves read!  So cool!

You can also export the book as a pdf or a video ... I use the video option to export to students' learning journals (like Seesaw).  If you click "Export as Video" you can connect apps to it.  For example, from Mrs. Bishop's iPads, we could export directly to their Seesaw journals.  Parents will now be able to view the students' books as videos from their Seesaw journals.

They worked so hard on these projects, and they turned out great!  Here is an example:
Well done, Mrs. Bishop's kinders!  Thanks for the awesome idea!

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