Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recording Stations

As more teachers are using Seesaw and other tools to allow students to record their voice to share their learning, it's also become important to find ways to minimize noise while students record. I noticed a couple of simple ideas on Twitter during the #Seesawchat that I thought I'd share!
Some teachers are building recording studios using cardboard boxes. I love this idea from @MrsSmithOP220, decorating cardboard boxes to use as recording studios. Tony Vincent, on his blog Learning In Hand, shared a similar idea using foam inside of the box to minimize noise even further. Another teacher also suggested having students utilize low cupboards - they can open up the doors and record inside of them to reduce background noise. Kristy Brammer found this idea on Twitter, where teachers put foam inside of canvas bins to create simple recording studios.

I'm also OBSESSED with these adorable handsets! They work like a microphone and headphones - plug into a device and students can record into them, plus hear through them. Works to amplify the speaker's voice and minimize background noise. And they're cheap! Depending on color, you can get them on Amazon for as little as $7 each!

Works on iPads, too! Thanks to Mrs. Soucy for sharing these photos from her kindergarten classroom!

Another fun idea is to have a stand available for students to use when taking high quality photos or videos. A popular option is the JuStand, which runs around $100. 
I also love this simple idea from Tony Vincent:


  1. Costco is selling these cool magnetic iphone mini stands - 2 for less than 60 dollars.

    1. Ooh!! Good to know! Thanks for sharing!!