Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PicCollage Kids + ChatterPix Kids + Seesaw Superbowl App Smash!

I posted a few fun Superbowl activities in an earlier post that you can read about here, but I also wanted to share a fun app smash project we did in Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Romersa's first grades today! We used the free apps PicCollage Kids and ChatterPix Kids, then posted to Seesaw. Read on to see our fun app smash (and remember you can use this same technique in other areas - think Groundhog Day)!

The students have been talking about the Superbowl and the two teams that are playing, and we talked about how we can make a prediction about who will win. On one side of the board I wrote "Patriots" and "Tom Brady" and on the other side wrote "Falcons" and "Matt Ryan." Using the web search tool in PicCollage Kids, students used these anchors to search for two images for their collage; one of the team they predict will win and one of that team's quarterback.
The next step was using the text tool in PicCollage Kids to add a sentence. I let them choose, but we talked about making sure our words made sense with our pictures. Some wrote "Go, Patriots, go!" some wrote "I like the Falcons." and some got even more creative. After this, I let them choose from the fun backgrounds in PicCollage Kids, and we saved our collages to our iPads.

We then loaded these into ChatterPix Kids where they made their quarterback talk. Most read the words that they wrote onto the collage. We then saved these to our camera rolls and uploaded to Seesaw to share with one another.
Fun interactive graph idea:
Once the projects are loaded onto Seesaw, I clicked the magic three buttons under each post and chose "Get Item QR Code". I then drug the QR codes into an open Google Doc and resized (so I didn't have one QR code per page). Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Romersa will print these QR codes and students will use them on a butcher paper graph to show which team they predict will win the Superbowl. This is a fun graphing activity so they can look at the data and determine which team more of their class is rooting for. It is also fun because it's interactive - if anyone scans the QR codes on the graph, they'll be able to see and hear the students' ChatterPix! So fun!
Mrs. Romersa tried this activity in her class again (repetition is so great for these littles!) with a groundhog theme. Scan the QR code below to see an example. Awesome job, Mrs. Romersa's firsties!

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