Friday, February 24, 2017

Book Snaps in Primary Grades

There is a fun new trend in the education world called Book Snaps! You can read more here about how teachers are using Book Snaps to share what they're reading and learning about through professional development. Some teachers have taken this back to their classrooms, and had their students create Book Snaps about books they are reading! In upper grades, students are using SnapChat (the original tool for this), but in elementary school, students can use Seesaw to create their own Book Snaps. This is a fun way for students to share about what they're reading and learning - they can highlight favorite parts of a book, add drawings overtop of a book page to show what they love, and even use the microphone tool to tell about why the book is a favorite, or what they found interesting!

We used this in first grade as an "I Love to Read" week prep and the students loved it!

Here are a few examples from Mrs. Parisien's first graders:

You can also see some great examples from Gloria Heikes by clicking the links below.

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