Monday, October 10, 2016

Wonders on Your Mobile Devices

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Good news, my iPad loving friends! The Wonders website and all its goodness can be accessed by your students from your mobile devices. They have an app available, but it seems to work best to just access their website from your iPad. To do this, students would use Safari and type in the connectED website, then login as they would from a computer or Chromebook. To make your life a little easier, you can save this website as an icon on your iPads. it will look like an app that students can select, and take them directly to the connectED login screen each time. Keep reading to find out how!

NOTE: you'll need to do this on each device so it'll take a little bit of time to set up initially, but the payoff will be HUGE when you don't have to figure out a way to type in this web address each time your kiddos need to access Wonders. :)

First, open up Safari and type in the connectED website. When you're at the screen you want your students to access, click the "share" button in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
Next, select "add to homescreen".
Finally, choose "add".
The website will now appear on the homescreen of your iPad, just like an app does. Students will only need to tap on the icon and the website will open for them.
This works for any website you use often in your classroom that you'd like your students to have easy access to!

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