Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mimio Interactive Writing Idea Using the Story Halloween Night

Halloween Night
Mrs. Elenbaas was awesome enough to share this great interactive writing idea using the story Halloween Night by Arden Druce. This story is perfect for practicing can, said and quotation marks during interactive writing. She created a Mimio Notebook file with pictures. Students then use the pen to interactively write a sentence to go with each picture. An example on the witch page is to have students interactively write: "I can fly."

This activity could easily be moved from whole group interactive writing to an independent writing project, making a class book on paper or using an app like Book Creator. Each student could illustrate their own character and write an "I can ___" sentence about that character.

Thanks, Mrs. Elenbaas, for this great idea and for sharing your Mimio Notebook file with us! CLICK HERE to download and use in your own classroom.

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