Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Seesaw at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are a fantastic time to show your parents some work samples that have been posted into Seesaw by your students. Even if you have already invited parents to view their kiddos' work in Seesaw, showcasing this tool at conferences can be an awesome reminder about what they'll be able to discover by checking out their son or daughter's learning journal on a regular basis.

I love this video that Seesaw put together to share with parents. It explains to them what Seesaw is, and even gives tips for how parents can interact with Seesaw and what kinds of comments are helpful.

Another cool tool to use in Seesaw is the QR codes. Listen to this: every post in Seesaw generates its own QR code. EVERY POST IN SEESAW GENERATES ITS OWN QR CODE! How cool is that?! At parent-teacher conferences, I think it would be awesome to have students work on a great project to feature by posting QR codes in the hallway. As parents wait, they can scan the QR codes and see the students' work. Because it links to just that one isolated post, they can scan and see all kids' work for just this one project (typically they only see their own kiddos' stuff).

There is an awesome video about Seesaw QR codes. You can find it at the Seesaw Help Center, or by clicking the image below.
If you have questions about using QR codes after watching this video, please let me know! This is such a cool tool.

What are some things you would have your students post into Seesaw for conferences? I might have them post:
  • Examples of work in different subjects (upload digital work and/or add photos of work)
  • A self reflection (I like using something like this)
  • Writing Samples
  • A video explaining their latest Project Lead the Way project
What are some of your ideas?! Add them in the comments below!

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