Monday, August 29, 2016

Emojify Your Classroom!

I absolutely love following Erin from Erin*tegration on her blog and on Twitter.  She has so many fun and creative ideas for using technology in the classroom.  Some of my absolute favorites are her ways of using emojis in various activities.  Just think about how fun your students would think it is to use emojis to describe themselves, book characters, etc.  I showcased one of her ideas last year, when we used her Emoji "all about me" surveys in a 2nd grade classroom.  They turned out great, and you can learn more about that here.  Keep reading for more emoj-ideas for your classroom!
I think this Random Emoji Generator is really fun and has a lot of possibilities.  Think about using it as story or sentence starters for your classroom!  Students are engaged by these fun emojis, and could become really creative in turning them into a fun story. Just type: into your web browser.

Erin*tegration also created a free resource for students to tell about a story using emojis.  Students think about how the characters in a story feel by how they act and what they say, then circle the appropriate emojis to describe the characters.  They support their ideas by writing on a recording sheet.  Younger students could add the emojis into Seesaw, then use the audio tool to tell about why they chose them. This could be a whole class or individual activity after a student finishes reading a story.  Click the image below to download the printable.

Look at how cute this example is!  Using emojis doesn't have to be a "techy" activity ... students can hand draw emojis to illustrate a point or tell a story. 
I also love the idea of using emojis to help students communicate their own feelings, or for tracking student behavior.  Try these free resources for your classroom.
FREE Emoji Behavior Clip ChartEmoji Emotions Wheel

Teachers love emojis, too!  These 34 Teaching Emojis from We Are Teachers is pretty great - comment with your own emoji and what it means to you.  Right now, I'm thinking ... πŸ•πŸπŸ” (lunchtime emoji!)

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