Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Groundhog Day!

Wahoo!  Phil predicts an early spring!  A couple of Groundhog Day ideas we have been using in classrooms:
  • Use Chatterpix Kids to have students take a picture of a groundhog art project they've done (or have them draw a groundhog using an app like Doodle Buddy and save it to the iPad camera roll).  Then have them make the image "talk" to share their Groundhog Day predictions or facts they've learned about groundhogs.
  • Use the backchannel Today's Meet to have students make their Groundhog Day predictions.  I set up a room, then make a QR code for students to scan and easily enter the room from their iPads.
  • Use any drawing app to have students draw a Groundhog Day picture (emphasizing an understanding of cloudy sky = no shadow and sunny sky = shadow), then post to Seesaw and have students write and tell about their picture.
  • The app Draw & Tell ($1.99) has stickers - there isn't a groundhog, but there is a beaver.  I pretend this is a groundhog and have my students make math story problems using the "groundhog" sticker.  They can draw equations and record their voices, then export the videos to Seesaw!

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