Thursday, January 26, 2017

Schoolkit Math App + Interactive Hundred Chart with Seesaw

This is such a great idea from @MrssmithOP220 (seriously, if you're not on Twitter, you need to be!) :) Using the free app Schoolkit Math, she took a screenshot and sent a copy to her students via Seesaw. They then used the drawing tools and text label tools in Seesaw to explain their counting process. You could use this in any number of ways (no pun intended) that you use 100 charts in your classroom!

The Schoolkit Math app is pretty great. It's a free app that offers students a toolkit of math manipulatives. Included in this app are:
1. Number Line2. Hundreds Chart3. Ten Frame4. Arrays5. Money6. Math Challenge7. Fraction Kit8. Number Houses9. Tether Math10. Number Tiles11. Multiplication Table12. Dot Grid13. Bar Graph14. Shapes15. Algebra Tiles16. Ruler 17. Clock18. Counters19. Times Place20. Line Graph21. Comparisons22. Multiply Fractions23. Multiplication/Division Groups24. Fact Families
Billings Public Schools teachers, if you'd like this app sent to your district managed iPads, submit a HelpTicket to request it. You can also access through the App Store on your devices.

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